Maheshwari Sarees

Maheshwar is famous for a particular type of saree called Maheshwari saree, which is a speciality of this city. These sarees are famous throughout India for their unique style of harmonious balance between the border and the body of the saree. The grace and elegance of these sarees is hard to match.

Fabric in Maheshwari Sarees
The Maheshwari saree is woven mostly in cotton and silk. The saree woven from pure silk, is famous for its strength, elasticity and a unique luster of the fabric. Nowadays these sarees are made in natural and artificial silk as well.

Colours and Design
The typical Maheshwari saree is either plain or has stripes, combined with complementary colours. These sarees have a trademark border and pallu, from the rest. Originally, the pallu is particularly distinctive with 5 strips, 3 coloured and two white alternating, running along its width. It has a variety of leaves and flowers on the border, which is quite popular.

The use of zari and kinari is also unique to the Maheshwari saree. The golden thread is used to weave exotic motifs and designs on the body, border and pallu of the saree. It is very Light in weight.
Maheshwari Rewa
Maheshwari Silk
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